My Gear for the 24 Hours Project 2017

My Gear for the 24 Hour Project 2017

My Gear

  • Fuji X-T2 with 23mm prime lens (35mm ff equivalent)
  • Ricoh GRII with 28mm ff equivalent
  • Nikon D800 with 85mm

I will mostly use the X-T2. If I need a wider angle or if I need to do a stealthy shot I will use the GRII. The D800 will be used for street portraits where I want to have a blurred background.

More Questions…

So, the day after tomorrow I will be up and shooting for 24 hours in a row for the 24 Hours Project 2017. I will need some preparation till then and I need some answers to questions like

  • Where do I stay in between as I need to post one street photography image per hour in real time?
  • How do I post the images? With my smartphone by transferring the image from the camera to the smartphone using Wi-Fi? This works for the Fuji and the Ricoh but not for the Nikon. So, will I also carry my MacBook with me all the time?
  • Living a little bit outside of Zurich, where do I load camera batteries and my smartphone in between as I do not want to commute between home and the city?
  • Which locations (and in which sequence) do I want to visit during the 24 hours?
  • Do I take pictures all the time (which needs even more battery charging) or do I focus on the period just before and after a full hour?
  • What will I do if it is going to be cold and rainy?

I will add further posts when I think to have the right answers.